Dementia Affects The Whole Family

The very word “dementia” strikes fear into every person over 65 and every daughter or son over the age of 40. Because, when signs of dementia first appear in you, your spouse, a parent or another loved one, you know that your world is about to be turned upside down with difficult diagnostics, family dynamics […]

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Fear of Going Out (FOGO)

Free at Last! But I Have FOGO It’s finally happened. The CDC has lifted most Covid-19 restrictions just in time to celebrate summer and a better year ahead. But, after 14 months of handwashing, social distancing, self isolation and masks, going out feels kind of weird. Am I right? While the new, relaxed guidelines apply […]

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Learn About COVID Long-Haul Syndrome

COVID-19 has taken over 585,000 American lives, but we often don’t hear about the people who have developed “Long-Haul” syndrome- effects from having contracted COVID that can last weeks, months, or leave people with what may be permanent disabilities. Recent studies suggest approximately 10% of people who get COVID are affected by long-haul syndrome. That means in […]

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Memory Care and Person-Centered Care

When someone is in the early stages of dementia or cognitive decline, the common reaction is often a mix of concern and denial. Family members, caregivers and patients alike search for ways to understand what is going on. Is the “forgetfulness” due to lack of sleep or stress? Could it be a medication-related thing? Could […]

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Now That I’m Vaccinated, What’s Next?

One of the most frequently asked questions of 2021 is – “Now that I am vaccinated – what am I allowed to do?”  It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the answer is – “It depends.”   When Will We Get Back to Normal? It Depends. It’s an infuriating answer, but it’s legitimate. We are all […]

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