Fall Prevention Strategies

Making sure you or your loved one can maintain their balance and prevent falls as they age is extremely important in maintaining independence. Follow these practical tips to prevent falls: Remember that fall prevention is a proactive effort the involves assessing your environment, maintaining your health, and taking steps to reduce your risk. Consult with […]

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Recognizing Suicidal Thoughts in Seniors and How You Can Help

Older adults often experience significant life changes, such as retirement, loss of loved ones, physical health challenges, and reduced social interactions depending on their living situation. It is important to stay aware of your loved one to make sure they get the support they need as these life challenges arise. Here are some tips for […]

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Choosing the Right Senior Living Community for Your Loved One

No one wants to be forced into an important choice before they are ready, so do your due diligence and plan ahead before an emergency strikes. Deciding who will care for your relative when you cannot manage it on your own is overwhelming enough. But, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to […]

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Respite Care Essentials

Respite Care is an amazing part of a patient and caregiver’s long term journey.  And those who have utilized it will testify to its ability to give both patient and caregiver a needed break – physically and emotionally. It can actually give you a chance to try out a new living community on a short-term […]

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Understanding the Keys to Memory

Some days you feel like all systems are firing and up to speed. Other days, when you haven’t had enough sleep or are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, you can’t remember what you had for breakfast that morning. That’s all common in normal memory and aging. But when the days of forgetfulness begin to outweigh the […]

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