In your journey to Chandler Hall's Cottages, Lofts, and Apartments, we offer the comfort at home within a charming community. Say goodbye to the stresses of home maintenance and hello to the warmth of Independent Living.

Cottages and Lofts offer a fully independent living situation, including a full kitchen, sunroom or patio. Apartments at Llenroc open into a warm, home-like common area with a Chandler Hall care partner onsite.

Independent Living Newtown PA
Independent Living Apartments Newtown PA
Independent Living Options Newtown PA
Independent Living For Seniors Newtown PA
Independent Living Features


  • One-bedroom options
  • Access to YMCA fitness center
  • Inclusion in Chandler Hall special events
  • Meal service options available
  • Apartments at Llenroc include biweekly housecleaning
  • Emergency response system available
  • Other fee-based amenities available

Currently Available Residences

A Weatherfield, A Willow, Stanfords

Don’t miss your opportunity for this unique Independent Living home.


At Chandler Hall, we have many different living options, ranging from Independent Living cottages, lofts and apartments, to our bed and breakfast-like residential apartments, to Personal Care and Memory Care residences. Each different option has separate pricing, reflecting the level of services and amenities available.

Independent Living Option
Size Range
Monthly Fees
Cottages and lofts
1,000 sq. ft. – 1,600 sq. ft. floor plans
Monthly fee $3,790 – 4,214. Second Occupant, $1,590
Residences at Llenroc
327 sq. ft. (Studio) – 654 sq. ft. one bedroom 2 bath apartment
Starting at $3,600 monthly fee, including 2 daily meals and light housekeeping

Charming Independent Living Options

As you can see from the chart above, your costs will depend in part on what size of home you feel is right for you, and what level of added amenities you choose. Residents in our larger Cottages and Lofts have the option to add a monthly meal plan, housekeeping services, and local transportation on a fee-for-service basis if they choose. Residents can also take advantage of amenities like our on-campus Hairdresser/Barber.

* Please Note

Contracts include a 50% refundable fee or a 2% depreciation plan depending on the Cottage or Loft you Choose.

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“Living in Llenroc is like having my own apartment, but better. Just steps from my door, there is a cozy living room with a fireplace where I can share a cup of tea with a neighbor. It’s nice knowing that if I need anything, Chandler Hall’s staff is right here to help.”

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