About Chandler Hall

Since 1973, Chandler Hall has provided high-quality care for older adults in Newtown, PA. Founded as a 55-bed nursing home, Chandler Hall now offers a wide spectrum of services for individuals at all stages of the aging process. Our current services include Independent Living, Personal Care, Memory Support, Hospice Program, Respite, Short-Term Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care.

Chandler Hall Image
Chandler Hall Image

Our beautiful 13-acre campus accommodates 173 long-term residents. Chandler Hall employs over 220 dedicated staff members, with the support of more than 50 regular volunteers. Additional volunteers join in from local schools, religious organizations, service groups and corporations.

Hospice at Home and Palliative caregivers serve clients in Bucks County, parts of Montgomery County, and greater Northeastern Philadelphia.

Chandler Hall’s mission is to support individuals in all aspects of living: physical, emotional, cognitive, and social. Residents and participants at Chandler Hall are empowered to make choices whenever they are able. Following from the Quaker principle of seeing the Light of God in everyone, we view aging as a natural developmental process and offer individuals support to express their views and values and to select programs, routines and lifestyles that reflect their individual interests, talents and gifts.

Chandler Hall values our ability to offer innovative, state-of-the-art services to improve the lives of older adults and their families in our community.

Chandler Hall
Chandler Hall
Chandler Hall
Chandler Hall
Chandler Hall

Values and Practices

The Chandler Hall idea was initially made possible by a generous grant from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Committee on Aging Friends, that was charged with helping elderly Friends live with independence and dignity, whatever the level of care they needed. Since then, Chandler Hall has worked to transform our culture’s view of aging and of older persons, stressing the potential for fulfillment and continuing contribution during the later stages of life.

While remaining firmly grounded in the Quaker values that animate our activities, Chandler Hall continues to move forward. Together with colleagues and caring people from many walks of life, Chandler Hall not-for-profit communities, programs, and services work to develop new practices and models to better serve older adults.

The deep roots that sustain Chandler Hall are found in Chandler Hall Values and Practices. They help ensure that Chandler Hall residents and staff share the spirit of community and collaboration and the respect for each individual that flow from the principles of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

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What Drives Chandler Hall?

Our Mission

Our Mission

As guided by the Quaker principle of seeing that there is that of God in everyone, Chandler Hall offers an array of quality services to enrich the lives of aging individuals, families, and caregivers.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Chandler Hall’s vision is to seek innovative solutions that support and enhance the lives of individuals as they age.

Chandler Hall Core Values image

Our Core Values

Chandler Hall is committed to achieving the following Values in a fiscally responsible manner:

  • Provide a caring and warm environment
  • Respect diversity and honor generational differences and individual uniqueness
  • Recognize and uphold the dignity of individuals in the Chandler Hall community
  • Offer access to an array of quality, person-centered care services
  • Maintain an excellent working environment that promotes professionalism, innovation, and personal growth
  • Nurture individuality and talents to achieve optimal wellness and performance
  • Strive to be both socially accountable and attentive to our relationships in the external community

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