May 6, 2021 —To: All Personal Care Staff, Residents, & Families

From: Paul Cercone, Interim Personal Care Administrator

Date: May 3, 2021

RE: Personal Care New Resident Admission Procedures

Staff & Resident COVID testing

Family Visitation & Home Visits

The following guidelines are based on the Pennsylvania Department of Health Recommendations of April 30, 2021.


Newly admitted residents will have a rapid test upon admission.

Residents who have been fully vaccinated (2 weeks past the date of the second dose) do not need to be quarantined upon admission or readmission.

Residents who have had COVID within the last 3 months do not need to be quarantined upon admission or readmission

Residents with confirmed COVID should be placed in isolation in a designated area.

All other new admissions and readmissions should be placed in a 14 day quarantine even if they have had a negative test upon admission or during their 14 day quarantine.


Testing frequency will remain based on the county prevalency rate.  With the current rate between 5-10%.   For our community, we will be testing all staff every 30 days.

This is based on the presumption that we have ZERO positive cases.  If we have a positive result of resident or staff, we will revert back to the more restrictive guidelines.


All Visitors should be assessed and screened prior to entry at the Kiosks.

Visitors regardless of their vaccination status should physically distance themselves from other residents and health care providers.

Visitation should ideally occur in an outside area if possible or in the resident’s room.

If both the resident and all visitors are fully vaccinated and alone, residents and their visitors can choose to have close contact including touch.


If fully vaccinated residents are visiting friends or family in their homes, they should follow the proper physical distancing recommendations for visiting with others in private settings.

They should inform the facility if they have a close contact with someone with COVID outside the facility.

Please refer to the link below for CDC guidance for visitation and vaccination status.

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