March 23, 2021 —Chandler Hall is very pleased to announce that we are able to implement a visitation schedule for our Memory Care and Personal Care residences!  It is our hope that this is only the first step to our being able to provide increasingly safe and frequent access to your family members and loved ones.  So as of now, this is what it looks like:

Personal Care –  Jordan & Phelps and Memory Care – Hicks

Manor House
  • Visitation will be conducted outdoors during good weather. In inclement weather, visitation will be conducted indoors in a neutral/common area.
  • Residents may have two scheduled visits per week of no more than 2 visitors at a time.
  • Visits are limited to 20 minutes
  • Visits are limited to Monday through Friday
  • Visitors need to sign up by 4:00 pm the day prior to the desired date. Visits will not be scheduled for the next day after the 4:00 pm cut-off time.
  • If you do not have the ability to schedule on-line, please contact us to schedule by calling 267-397-1231 between the hours of 10:00 am to 11:00 am Monday through Friday only. Please remember that calling is only for those who do not have the ability to schedule on-line.
  • Personal Care visits  Schedule here
  • Memory Care visits Schedule here  

Visitor Screening Procedures

  • All visitors will be screened at the Main Entrance. After screening you will be directed to the area where you will meet with the resident.
  • Cloth or surgical masks are required.
  • Proper handwashing or use of hand sanitizer is required both before and after each visit.
  • Practice safe distancing (6 feet apart) during each visit regardless of the visitor’s vaccination status.
  • It is recommended that, for the safety of your loved one, each visitor be tested for Covid-19 72 hours prior to your visit. Please remember that not all residents or staff have been vaccinated. A negative test result is required.

We know that you need to see your loved ones in person and that they need to see you. It has been too long a time without the in-person connections that nurture our soul and well-being. But we ask you to take these protocols seriously –  for the safety of your loved ones but also for the safety of our staff who have worked so hard to keep everyone safe and feeling cared for. It has been and continues to be our privilege to care for your loved ones and we are so happy that we can begin to close the door on this past year. So – let’s do it together – safely – respectfully, the Chandler Hall way.

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