July 26, 2020—When the pandemic hit, Chandler Hall took precautions to keep our residents safe, especially those who are medically vulnerable.  As a result, in person visits were curtailed, and other visits, like window drivebys and Face-time and Zoom visits were substituted.  But we all know, these are not the same as being able to be with your loved one in person.

Our staff has been working with our medical director and the Administrator of our Skilled Nursing facility, Emily Vassoler, provided us with this important update:

Hello Friends Nursing Home Friends and Family,

I am happy to report that there have been no newly identified cases of COVID-19 from my last update.

Our teams in Social Work and Life Enrichment have continued to make room visits multiple times a week to ensure our residents’ needs, questions and feedback have been heard and met. This week, I was fortunate enough to join Ralph, Life Enrichment Coordinator, on rounds and hold an interactive education on COVID-19 and future visitation plans. We continue to prepare for when we can, open back up our doors to visitation. I will resend our plans when we are closer to approaching the re-opening date that we currently anticipate to be mid-August.

I hope you all are safe and your families are well –

Emily Vassoler

Nursing Home Administrator

Friends Nursing Home

Chandler Hall Health Services

We wanted to make sure you knew that we were working together towards in-person visitation in just a few weeks, in mid-August, depending, of course, on the ever-changing circumstances. We are trying to ensure the safety of our residents, but also have to weigh the important  emotional needs of our residents and their families. We will keep you up to date and make sure all information, including any procedures or precautions are announced in advance. We want to make visitation procedures smooth and easy to follow, while maintaining safety.

Thank you for your patience and support during this unprecedented time.

Chandler Hall

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