Jan. 7, 2021—As a member of the Chandler Hall extended family, we wanted to keep you updated about how the COVID-19 virus is affecting residents, staff and patients throughout our community.

We want to reassure you that we are committed to providing the safest and most comprehensive care available based on the Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for infection control. However, as has happened throughout the United States, despite our best efforts, we have had some staff members and residents testing positive for the Coronavirus. Most are asymptomatic or express mild symptoms.

We are in the process of finalizing our plans for vaccinating the residents, patients and staff, which began on January 4th. As is true throughout the Commonwealth, there are some uncertainties about the number of doses we will have available, and we are working to prioritize those who are most vulnerable and the staff that work with those patients.

Home Care Services

As you may know, we provide palliative care and hospice care to patients in their home environment.  We follow every Department of Health and CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID. Extra precautions include our staff wearing gowns, masks, shields and goggles routinely, to ensure we keep both your family and our staff safe. We also request that patients receiving home care and their families also wear masks for everyone’s protection.  We will be able to supply you with a cloth mask as needed.

With the large amount of community spread of Coronavirus throughout Pennsylvania, we have encountered situations where some of the people we have cared for have subsequently tested positive for the virus, thus the need to take extra precautions at every step. We hope for full cooperation as we continue to care for the most vulnerable and valuable members of our community.

Preventing the Spread At Chandler Hall

Current Infection Control measures include frequent testing, weekly and more frequently in patient care areas. We take extra precautions including separate entrances to areas where we have any positive cases, use full personal protective gear to prevent transmission to caregivers and other patients and residents.

Attached please find a copy of the Pennsylvania Department of Health recent information sheet entitled Long-Term Care Facility COVID-19 Vaccination Questions, addressing many of the questions we all have about the process.
Download the Department of Health Information Sheet here

We feel it is our duty to keep you informed every step of the way as part of our commitment to transparency and integrity as we all battle through this trying time. We will continue to be vigilant and keep you informed every step of the way.

Wishing you good health in 2021, 

Dakia McMillian

Executive Director

Chandler Hall Health Services

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