What is Person-Centered Care?

At Chandler Hall, we believe in person-centered care for every resident and every home care patient. But what is person-centered care and why is it so important?

Care That’s a Partnership, Centered on Your Wants and Needs

Research has shown that a person-centered care approach benefits both the caregiver and the person receiving care. It creates a trusting partnership between the person receiving care and their caregivers, promoting self-esteem and self-advocacy. Care becomes an interactive partnership, rather than a passive set of actions.

Person-centered care starts with the premise that all people, and especially those needing care, have the right of self-determination, understanding, and mutual respect. Looking at all aspects of care as a partnership between the care-receiver and the caregiver means that even difficult situations are addressed as opportunities to make constructive changes to improve.

How Person-Centered Care Impacts our Residents and Our Patients

For our residents, this means trying to find ways to work with their individual schedules and needs rather than demanding everyone have a meal at the same time, because it may be easier for staff.  For our personal care residents, if a person is missing appointments for care, the first step is to ask “What is preventing the person from making their appointments, and how can we solve the problem?” rather than blaming non-compliance on “attitudes” or other excuses.

Person-centered care starts with accepting everyone as they are– a person with inherent worth, and a collection of positive and negative feelings, like we all have, meeting everyone with unconditional positive regard. Then the care is given with sensitivity and empathy, and without judgment. By being genuine, realistic, and authentic in our care, our residents and clients develop a deep sense of trust with their caregivers that makes the experience much more rewarding for both.

The Chandler Hall Difference

Personalized and supportive care for the whole individual rather than a list of symptoms is one of our many strengths. You can feel the difference in the air at Chandler Hall, where residents are always greeted by name and treated like family. Likewise, when we see patients in other care settings, for palliative care or hospice services, we know the trust involved with inviting people into your home. Our specially-trained caregivers treat you, your family and your home with respect and care. It’s part of our care promise.

Person-centered care is a cornerstone of our Quaker values here at Chandler Hall, and something that sets us apart from other care communities. Person-centered care and our smaller size makes our Chandler Hall Community a more intimate, personalized setting for you or your loved one, no matter where they are on the journey of aging. 

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