Residential Living at Llenroc

If you are like most folks investigating Independent Living options in retirement communities, you may find that your choices all feel like versions of the same thing – nice places to live, but no personality. That is – unless you have looked at Independent Living at Chandler Hall. 

At Chandler Hall, located in Lower Bucks County, PA, Independent Living means you have plenty of choices in living accommodations – Cottages, full apartments, one bedroom efficiencies and cozy lofts. But if you are lucky enough to score a place at Chandler Hall’s Llenroc Independent Living residence, you also have Karen! 

Karen is Llenroc’s homemaker whose self-admitted mission is to not only ensure the smooth running of the daily operations, but to connect with each resident to make sure that they are safe, happy and nurtured.

First Impressions Are the Best

Llenroc is a lovely building set up a little bit like a boutique hotel. There is a common area complete with a fireplace and grand staircase. Walking toward the back is the dining area where residents can take their meals. It’s all tastefully decorated, bright and sunny. 

But the first thing that I noticed when I first visited was the “electric” atmosphere. There was something intangible that spoke of activity, energy and happiness.  That was Karen. Karen works the room like the Cruise Director on the Love Boat. Her quiet confidence and innate enthusiasm sees to the daily tasks of managing meals, mail and cleaning, while making sure that each resident is looked in on and all concerns are addressed.

Caring Without Crowding

Karen has made it her business to get to know every resident. She understands that everyone is not the same and not everyone would like to be approached in the same way. But Karen’s watchful eye is always on the lookout for changes to a resident’s routine. And should a resident need some kind of additional care or attention, Karen knows who to contact. But Karen also understands that everyone deserves respect and an opportunity to determine the course of their own day. 

A Place of Wonder

When I asked Karen what she liked most about working at Llenroc, she was quick to reply: “The amazing people!”. To Karen, working at Chandler Hall and in Llenroc specifically, coming to work every day is like visiting family. Each resident has a life story that Karen knows by heart. She marvels at their skills and revels in the stories from their accomplished lives. She cherishes their friendships.

Karen shared several resident stories with me – all with a sense of admiration and awe. The story of the 101 year old resident who still painted nearly every day. And the woman who continued to bake in the community kitchen because that is what she does.  

For Karen, Llenroc is a place of wonder, history and friendship. She brings her whole self to work every day because her residents deserve no less. In her mind, they deserve more – because you can always do more to help people.

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