Palliative Care-What You Need to Know

Individuals dealing with serious illness can easily and quickly become overwhelmed. They may experience significant symptoms and  anxiety brought on by their situation. Often, they find themselves thrust into an unfamiliar world that requires frequent travel to specialists and labs, deciphering new medical jargon and making difficult decisions about treatment options.  Palliative care —an interdisciplinary […]

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Taking Care of Seniors During Coronavirus

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus, medical authorities from all over the world, based on infection data, have identified older adults and people who have severe chronic or pre-existing medical conditions as having a significantly higher risk of contracting the infection. While anyone of any age can become severely ill with COVID-19, […]

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Staying Connected with Seniors During COVID-19

As always, Chandler Hall is focused on the health and wellbeing of its residents. While information regarding COVID-19 continues to evolve, available medical evidence confirms that older people—adults 60 and older—are particularly vulnerable. People with preexisting medical conditions, such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or cancer are especially at risk. In compliance with state […]

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Memory Care-What You Need to Know

It’s challenging and frightening when loved ones have dementia. The person you’ve known and loved is slipping away and caring for them is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition to the emotional strain created by the situation, families and caregivers are faced with many healthcare decisions. How can you determine the best way to help someone […]

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What you need to know about Hospice at Home

Hospice @ Home What you need to Know If you’re faced with the decision of where and how to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met after your physician has informed you of a prognosis of end stage Alzheimer’s, COPD, heart failure, ALS or Parkinson’s disease, hospice care may be the right answer for […]

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