August 24, 2020

The changes were almost imperceptible at first. They were the kinds of things that we all do – forgotten keys, lost train of thought. Concerning but not uncommon. But then one day the family noticed that Barbara could no longer find her way home from a routine trip to a place she had visited thousands of times in the past. That was the day that Barbara and her family could no longer make excuses for the lapses and decided to seek more help.

Up until that moment, Barbara had been “managing” her memory losses. She had been functioning reasonably well with the help of family and outside organizations. You see, Barbara was adamant about staying in the familiar surroundings of her home and her routine. But as in most of these situations there came a time when the primary concern was no longer “comfort” but rather “safety”. By now, even Barbara herself knew this.

Close to Home

It was important to Barbara and her family that she stay close to home. She was a lower Bucks’ County girl. Yardley to be exact. While they researched many fine facilities close to home, it was Chandler Hall that felt right. It was 5 years ago that Barbara moved into Chandler Hall’s Phelps Manor House. The family was attracted by the Quaker values knowing that their Mother would be not only well cared for but given the respect that she deserved.

As Barbara was very social, she enjoyed the other residents and the Manor House staff and caregivers. And they enjoyed her. She made fast friends and enjoyed the many activities and programs designed to stimulate and challenge her cognitive skills.

When more intensive care is needed, Hicks Memory Care is here to help

Almost two years ago, Barbara’s dementia progressed to the point where she needed more intensive care and supervision. She was re-housed at Chandler Hall’s Hicks Memory Care building. Here she continues to receive personalized care and mental stimulation in a more secure environment suitable to her evolving needs.

Barbara’s daughter Laurie and her son Pete love the frequent Skype phone calls allowing friends and family to stay in constant touch with Barbara – a contact that is increasingly important in this time of covid-19 accommodations and social distancing. Laurie is also comforted by the weekly phone calls with her Mother’s medical team updating the family on Barbara’s health status, as well as the additional communications she receives from her Mother’s caregivers. Laurie and Pete feel that their Mother is receiving excellent care.

Barbara with her daughter, Laurie

As Hospice care becomes necessary….

… Barbara continues to be surrounded by the caring Hicks staff. Scheduled Zoom and Skype calls help to keep the family informed on Barbara’s health status. The family is able to have brief conversations with Barbara as she is able. Barbara’s daughter Laurie is appreciative of the extra effort that the Hicks unit staff takes to make sure that the family is informed when there is any change in Barbara’s health status. 

A Critical Part of the Community

Barbara’s Chandler Hall experience has encompassed 5+ years of care. From her beginnings at the Phelp’s Manor House to Hicks Memory Care and finally Hospice services, Barbara has experienced a continuum of person centered care in the Quaker tradition of individual need and individual respect.

As Barbara’s journey is continuing to her final chapter, her daughter Laurie shared her thoughts about her Mother’s time here; 

“I know that my Mother is warm, safe and cared for. I really believe in Chandler Hall. It is a critical resource in the community.”

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